The Cincinnati Bengals have been a unique team this season. They started out as one of the greatest in the NFL, Then tied available as one game, And currently lead the AFC North especially tight race. From 9 4 1, The Bengals are trying to find into the postseason for the second straight year and they fresh off a blowout win over divisional rival the Cleveland Browns. It was utter control on Sunday as Cincinnati blanked the Browns 30 0, Especially by the defensive unit. They allowed a mere 107 yards of total the wrongdoing and five first downs, Each shockingly low for today offensively driven NFL. Cincy barrier is No. 1 in the NFL in regard to passing touchdowns allowed, Of them costing only 14, A treadmill per game. That group is led by multiple skilled players. Free safety Reggie Nelson is an all over team player with 54 tackles, Has 10 passes looked after, Two interceptions and as a result 1.5 totes. Cornerback Adam Jones almost certainly the Bengals best, With two picks and 11 passes looked after. He likely line on Emmanuel Sanders on Monday. There also left uptight end Carlos Dunlap, That may 7.0 carriers are a team high. Louis Vasquez may have his hands full now with Dunlap, Though he blocked opposing pass rushers now this season. On the offensive player, Cincinnati features qb Andy Dalton, Who working to turn the ball over less. Presently, Dalton has 15 touchdowns equipped in 14 interceptions and three fumbles, Which are too many for a starting QB. Denver defense loves to pick off enemy QBs, Combined with Rahim Moore, Aqib Talib and Chris Harris will all have their mouths applying water with Dalton dropping back personalized patriots jersey. Organic, A freakishly fast receiver who is a handful to cover anybody. Talib has been up to the task of taking oppositions No. 1 devices, And it’s what he be asked to do again. Green 959 yards and six given touchdowns are each team bests. There also the emerging Mohamed Sanu in adition to talented tight end Jermaine Gresham. And with Denver missing Danny Trevathan for other season and Brandon Marshall for 1 2 weeks, Just who will cover Gresham is up in the air. Where the Bengals run, Jeremy Hill has been strong among the bushes personalized chiefs jersey, Running from contact as he did for one of his touchdowns last Sunday. Hill has three 100 yard plus games this season and eight your company scores, While Giovani Bernard kind comments him in the run game as well. Yes, Denver stout rush criminal is No. 2 inside of the NFL, Making it a mere 71.6 showrooms per game. So, It will be beneficial to see who wins that match up We can erase the memory of Marvin Lewis, Who is the lengthiest tenured head coach in the NFL, In the 12th year with Cincinnati, And one of the best in the league. Three weeks ago in Tampa Bay, Lewis threw his challenge flag over the last two minutes of the game and was penalized for doing so. It gave the look of a boneheaded move until the referees decided to then look at the last play and decide the Buccaneers did indeed have 12 players on the field, As Lewis arrested. That move helped save the success for Cincinnati and kept them alive in the playoff race. While Denver won their AFC West last Sunday in the win over the gambling, The Bengals know the AFC North remains to be the only wide open division in the conference. Cincinnati can ill afford a loss and they without a doubt bring their best game this Monday night when the Broncos come to town.


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